British Library Sound Archive to archive our music catalogue!

We are pleased to announce that music curators at the British Library are currently in the process of cataloging all of our music recordings which will be archived to preserve as part of this great nations audio and cultural musical heritage & is to be housed within the British Library (formerly the National Sound Archive) !

“ensuring preservation and access, for many generations to come”

Over 1 million discs, 185,000 tapes, and many other sound and video recordings with over 625 kilometres of shelving in the British Library can be found. From Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook to the songs of bird we are proud to have the entire Pointblank Records catalogue included along with all of our physical 12″ vinyl pressings that will be safely stored forever within the vaults of this world class facility providing a truly historic resting place for our releases, for preservation, education, and access, for many generations to come.

We thank all of our Artists, Singers & Producers who make up the Pointblank Family ♥

Search the Sound And Moving Image Catalogue at the British Library  

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